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Mother's Day - Sharing Treasures and Memories

I am starting a little mini series today in honor of Mother's Day and the women - daughter, mother, grandmother and great grandmother - who have made me the person I am today.  Little bits and pieces of each of them that bring back treasured memories.

Diane gave me the idea several months ago when she told me I just HAD to share pictures of my Grandmother Gwen's Fiesta skirt that had just arrived in the mail from my Mother.

Cinco de Mayo Enchiladas - Pamela Style!

I always celebrate Cinco de Mayo by setting out my much loved Mexican painted wood trays and my sweet little Mexican pottery creature colletion. 

I have several trays and quite a few birds (and one frog) - all rescued from thrift shops and garage sales over the years.  I can't bear to leave them sitting unhappily in those musty places where they are not appreciated.  I have to give them a good home!  Just HAVE to!

April 30th - Celebrate Valborgs!

Tomorrow, April 30th is celebrated all over Sweden to mark Valborgs or Walpurgis Nacht.

The dark, cold winter days are waning.  Huge bonfires are lit to welcome the returning sun and the warmth it brings to the earth. All the debris collected during the winter, from old fence railings to branches pruned from shrubs and trees become fuel for the celebration fires.

Celebrating St. Knut's Day - the Last Day of Christmas!

Over 1000 year ago, King Canute of Denmark declared that Christmas should be celebrated for a period of 30 days beginning on St. Lucy Day, December 13th and ending on January 13th   -  that's today! 

Happy St. Knut's Day!

For some Scandinavians, especially those living on the Aland Islands, today is the day Christmas trees are taken down and ornaments and decorations are stored away for next year.

I decided a little celebration is in order!  So I am spending the day in the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

La Virgen Guadalupe - December 12th

My tiny altar for La Virgen Guadalupe.

Diane made the origami lilies years ago and I include them in my holiday celebrations every year.

Join Angie - At Home in Mexico - in her celebration of La Virgen Guadalupe.

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