Perfect Week to Indulge in Cream Puffs!

Delicious Custard filled Cream Puff

Custard Cream Puffs with Chocolate Topping

Who doesn't love cream puffs! Whether filled with sweetened whipped cream or luscious custard (my absolute favorite version), once we have eaten one, we never forget it!

Celebration Cake for Twelfth Night - Grape Cake!

Twelfth Night Cake

Happy Twelfth Night!

As has become my recent tradition - I am celebrating with a brand new (to me), unusual cake! Grape Cake!

Many countries around the world celebrate December 5th-6th with special cakes. Loving the idea - I have borrowed the tradition! (You can find links to special cakes enjoyed in previous years near the end of the post.) 

Midsummer! Summer Solstice! Celebrate Summer!

The big guy

Celebrating the Summer Solstice and Midsummer - very big deal at our house but celebrated in the sweetest and simplest ways.

Kinderfest garden well

Fresh flowers are floated in my little "Kildefest Well" every day from now on until autumn equinox.

Delicious! Decadent! Delectable! Chocolate Bread Pudding


A lovely, yummy Chocolate Bread Pudding - disappeared so fast I never got a picture! It used to be right here!

If you are looking for a simple but decadently rich and delicious dessert to serve on Valentines Day, give this one a try! Seriously, anyone can make this! No way to fail.

Celebrating Twelfth Night with Two Special Cakes Again!


Tomorrow is again Twelfth Night - The 12th Day of Christmas and time again for a special cake!

If you missed celebrating Twelfth Night with me last year, pop over for a few lovely recipes - good contenders all for a final celebration of Christmas and the end of the season.

I don't know exactly why we don't celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas in America. Must research! I do think we are missing out big time!

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