Repurposing Tin Cans Again! Make a Shimmering Candle Wall Sconce.

Another project using tin and aluminum cans from my trash stash!

I again turned to mid-1800's New Mexican tin work for my inspiration for this wall sconce. 

Butterfly Mobile Made from Aluminum Pop Cans

Super simple way to recycle those ubiquitous aluminum pop cans!  Turn them into a mobile of fluttering butterflies!

Making the mobile is fairly easy and quick, but figuring out how to get the butterflies to remain horizontal while suspended from the support string was a big pain.  The reason I wanted the butterflies to remain horizontal while suspended is that I wanted them to gently flutter or tip from side to side in the breeze.

Giving Tuna Cans a New Lease on Life!

I am inviting you on another adventure recycling tin cans!
  This time I started with tuna fish cans.

I removed the rim using the same technique as I used in the previous post

Don't forget to wear goggles and thick gloves.

Punched Tin Frame Using Recycled Tin Cans

From this -

to this!

Most of you know by now that I love making things using tin and aluminum - especially butterflies!

What inspired this passion of mine were the punched tin mirrors and frames I was accustomed to seeing in Santa Fe homes and the light shields that we used on our family Christmas tree.

Punched "Tin" Butterflies and Other Creatures - Inspiration and Ideas!

Butterflies are not the only creatures I make out of tin!  I just finished making this little sea dragon - a gift for my Mother because she happens to collect dragons!

My favorite way to use "punched tin" creatures? Tree ornaments of course!  And it is my firmly held opinion that it is never too early to begin making for the holidays!

So to help get your muse thinking about cool ideas for "punched tin", here are a few more ornament creatures to inspire you and get you thinking beyond butterflies.

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