Making Ghostly Trick-or-Treaters and Glowing Goblin Ghosts


How to make table top ghosts - er - trick-or-treaters.

Note: My spooky friends are designed to haunt a table or mantle or peek out from a window sill rather than hang. The tallest is 16" and the littlest fellow is 6".

With care in packing, they can be saved from year to year.  I still have two that are over 15 years old!

You will need:

Cheese cloth or gauze fabric

Celebrating Christmas in July with an Easy Little "How-to" for Making Snowmen

P1070701 I just finished making my very first snowman. He has been smiling at me from my desk for two days now! I can't help but smile back and return to what I am doing in a happier mood.

I must admit, I have become a fan of snowmen only recently, having been a collector of Santas for over 25 years. At first, I was quite offended as manufacturers began replacing my beloved Santas with snowmen as the collectible symbol of the season. (Snowman, of course, appeal to a wider audience).

Making a Simple Sun Dress

Finished!  The Michael Miller fairy fabric -  now a sun dress!  Which I made just for a sweet little someone whose Mommy provided measurements for toddler size!

Too bad I had to photograph her sun dress in this gloomy PNW weather - but where she lives, I am told there is sunshine -  and her mommy is already making desserts with cherries and peaches because they are ripe!

Sun Painting - Design Your Very Own Sun Dress Fabric !

Before I begin, let me introduce you to my little Christmas bear family.  They will be my models for this post since I don't have any little daughters at home! 

The middle bear will model most of the dresses because she is very special - Diane made her for me many, many years ago.

I started making a very simple and easy sun dress for Diane when she was about 18 months old.  But I could have started sooner!  The bears are wearing infant size which can be made from a fat quarter!

Busted Again! More Trash and More Stash!

Unlike so many of you, I don't have a huge stash of fabrics!  Every scrap I have (except for the felt collection  of course) fits into this lovely box which measures 15"X15"X15".  I don't have much room left for new fabrics, so I had the idea that it would be really helpful if I had a separate container for the small bits and scraps that accumulate following every project.

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