Making Hexies On The Go Travel Kit

Mini hexies - making on the go!

Most of my readers know that when I am working on a project in earnest, I carry it with me almost everywhere I go to take advantage of what would otherwise be "lost" minutes! This habit is a big part of how I manage to fit as much crafty goodness into my life as I do! Generally speaking - most fiber crafts - knitting, crochet, embroidery and hand sewing - are excellent candidates! Hexies on the go - a bit more challenging! So many little bits and scraps - and hexies to corral. 

A Few Tips For Surviving the Winter Holidays to Ponder Over Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am so looking forward to another delicious dinner at Diane's house. And a few days off! So this will be the last post until next Monday, November 28th - time to share the contents of my stockings and announce the 2011 Christmas Stocking Giveaway!

It is almost December 1st!

Many of us are up to our ears right now in baking and cooking and cleaning and preparing for the big dinner. Others are packing their bags to enjoy a home cooked feast with family.

Visit Me On "CRAFT" to Learn How to Organize Your Crafty Life!


Yaaaaaay! I am so excited! I can't stand it! HAVE to share! A "how-to" I wrote on how to organize your crafty life has been published on Craftzine!

"Organize Yourself to Get More Crafty Projects Finished" offers lots of tips for getting to the picture above - lots of lovely finished projects...

A Few Tips for Organizing Recipes!


By now most of you know that I love to organize stuff! Can't help myself - it is in my genes!!! All my mother's fault! Her nick name is "effie" if that give you a clue.

If I hadn't figured out my little system for finding my favorite recipes, I can't imagine the hours and hours I would be wasting in "search mode"!!

It has worked so beautifully for me all these years and is so simple, (and can easily be modified for the computer), that I thought I would share.

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