Introducing Christmas in July 2012 - A Whole Month of Christmassy Goodness!

Christmas in July comin' up!

Christmas in July is here! Or almost here! Depends upon whether you celebrate one day or the whole month! Me? I am celebrating the whole month of course!

I am celebrating by beginning a series of projects I have on my MUST MAKE FOR CHRISTMAS list. Most of them have been there quite a while now, transfered from one year to the next. No more of that! July 2012 they are being revealed to the world!

Recycle Pop Cans Into Easy and Cheerful Plant Markers and Garden Decor

plant/seedling markers

New plant markers for the garden!

Inspired by Annette at "by Annette" - you might remember the plant markers she made for me! Her excellent tutorial for how to make them is here!

These are totally simple to do! This whole set took just an hour to make.

Gingerbread Snowflakes Makeover!


This has been a very good week!

My wild ginger has burst out blooming again for the first time in three years...............

AND my most excellent daughter has just brought Gingerbread Snowflakes into modern internet space!!!

I started this blog a little over three years ago and as you well know - three years ago in internet years - is the dark ages - maybe even the age of the dinosaurs! An update was needed!

Past, Present and Future - Update on Knitting my First Pair of Socks


Update on my goal to knit a pair of socks this year!


My introduction to sock knitting! A free on-line class with Mercedes at Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. I just had to make the pink pair (on the bottom left) to go along with the turquoise pair.


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