Snowmen! Nutcrackers! Christmas Balls! Christmas in July Project Progress Report.

Knitted/felted snowman.  Pattern from Marie Mayhew Designs.

Just in case anyone happens to be curious - I have been taking Christmas in July seriously - finishing projects already started and embarking on new crafty adventures! All Christmas preparations!!

Weaving Hand Spun Yarns into Shoulder Bags

New Weaving on the loom

New weaving project on the loom! The completed weaving will be about 8" x 92" and sewn into a bag per this pattern.

Weft yarns are hand spun yarns! And I am sharing all the sources in this post!

The warp which you can see above is from Yarnia.

Spinning! Weaving! Hand Dying! Knitting! Felting! I Am Pretty Certain I Have Discovered Fiber Heaven!

My Idea of Fiber Heaven

Seriously. Fiber Heaven! Warm, cozy, comforting even on the chilliest, darkest and rainiest of Pacific Northwest days. I could almost spend every afternoon for the rest of my days sitting in this room playing with fiber.

And this is not all of it! There is much more to the right! Much more to the left!

Work in Progress to Share - Including a Completed Winter Holidays Solstice Quilt Block

Solstice Quilt Block COMPLETED

Bringing you up to date on current WIPs! The biggest and best news to share: The Solstice Quilt Block is finally - after almost a year - completed!!!!

I am sharing a few quick detail shots of the quilt block and then peeks at current WIPs!

March: " Christmas UFO" (progress on the Winter Solstice quilt block) and a Brand New WIP (woven bag)


In addition to coloring, knitting and crocheting Easter eggs this month, I have also begun work on a new project and made significant progress on a leftover UFO from Christmas 2012! Thanks to Julie's good example which you will find on her blog The Crafty Quilter, I am back into high gear "making Christmas" and "finishing UFO's and WIP's" !

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