Weaving #1: Seriously Cool Loom Flowers!


The next two weeks will be devoted to weaving! Lots of different kinds of weaving! And we are starting it off with Teneriffe and its "spin-off cousins" - flower looms.

Thinking some of you might be surprised at the sweet possibilities the flower looms offer - so I am sharing a few of them along with a link to one of the best free PDF's available for making loom flowers.

And in a couple more days - a tutorial from me to you for making a simplified Teneriffe lacy snowflake just like the one above! It is not as hard as it looks!

Thank You Gill, Antoinette, Jet, Arielle, Dawn and Jan

Ways inwhich non-bloggers have shaped and enriched my crafty life

While assembling the "thank you series", I always worry that I might leave someone out - I hope like everything I have not. So far, I have focused on the top 20 bloggers who have hugely contributed to my crafty expression during this past year. But there is one remaining group of lovely friends I am sharing today - all non-bloggers!

Thank you Fanie, Alice, Sasha and Gail

Crocheted Owl, Dala Table Linen, Huichol Ornaments and Christmas Cards!

Today's post, and the next one, feature bloggers who have been a part of my crafty family almost from the very beginning of Gingerbread Snowflakes! And in that time they have offered their friendship, helped me time and time again solve creative conundrums, and when needed, have remind me why I love being part of the crafty blogisphere.

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