Make Your Very Own Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments - from a Kit!!


Look at these beautiful Scandinavian shaved wood ornaments! Created using REAL wood savings! I love them to pieces! Just finished making them using a Shaved Wood Ornament Kit which I am very excited to share with you!!

How to Make Perfectly Creepy Beaded Spiders

Beaded Spiders

My sweetie has agreed to show us how to make very cool beaded spiders!

Beaded Spider

He learned to make them several years ago and since then has taught the technique to friends and rock & mineral club members.

Shared Adventures in the Crafty Blogiverse!


Just messing around with one of the images of "first tulip"! A kind of bouquet, if you will, to two lovely women, Antoinette and Betsy, who have taken time recently to write me and share the results of their own personal new adventures inspired by projects shared here on Gingerbreadsnowflakes.

What especially pleased me is that the projects that provided inspiration are near and dear to my heart, (and as is usually the case with me, not so much "mainstream" popular.)

Alan Dart! Brilliant Knitted Toy Designer!

Jultomar and Teeny Tomte by Alan Dart

"Jultomar and Teeny Tomte" image used with permission from toy designer Alan Dart. 

"Traditionally" April is "recycle" month on gingerbreadsnowflakes; but before one more day of April arrives, I just absolutely MUST share these totally awesome Juletomar. The brilliant designer - Alan Dart!

A Must Take Class for Every Blogger - "Analytics Tricks". Find it at Craftypod.


Welcome to a completely unplanned post! March was to have been pretty much set aside for eggs and Easter craft. However, at the end of February, I took Diane's new class on Craftypod - "Analytics Tricks" and by the time I completed the second class in the series "Understanding Your Top Content", I felt so empowered and excited by all that I was learning that I rearranged my post schedule to create room to share my enthusiasm!

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