Knit and Crochet Love - Past, Present, Future

Owls for Mom; pattern by ATERGcrodhet


I love these little owls to pieces! Don't you? They are one of a few holiday gifts I completed late 2012!

Nisse Love, Happy 4th Blogiversary to Gingerbread Snowflakes, and a Giveaway!

Nisse Love

Arriving just in time to help celebrate my 4th blogiversary - my very own (straight from the hands of a Norwegian craft artist) Nisse couple!

My friend Gill found this totally adorable (and obviously still in love) pair at a craft fair in Norway and decided they needed to travel across the sea to live with me!! I love them to pieces! They sit next to my bed nestled next to a big pile of yarn that is being crocheted and knitted into Christmas gifts!

Making a Christmas Elf Forest - The Beginning

Christmas gnomes and fiber trees

A sneak peak at my Christmas Elf forest! As many of you know, my collection of Scandinavian Christmas elves has been growing each year. But it is way too easy for them to disappear among the other ornaments and branches of my holiday tree, so I have decided that what is needed is a forest of their very own - a forest of "fiber trees" and mushrooms!

Supporting Makers of Free Online Content During September!

Sweet Autumn Fairy

When my first check arrived for sales in the Pumpkin Patch gift shop, my sweetie suggested that I should use the money for something I really wanted - something just for me! A treat - not craft supplies! Or socks! So I ordered something I have been waiting four years to own - one of the sweet little fairies created by master doll maker, Cynthia Toy.

Brilliant Recycle Solutions for Creating Privacy Curtains

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 10.09.50 PM
It is my happy opportunity to introduce you to Jet Hammes, an amazing woman living in the Haarlem section of Amsterdam, Netherlands and the creator of this beautiful "curtain" and many others I am sharing below - every one of them created from recycled materials.

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