Recycle Christmas and Greeting Cards with My Friend TeriC

Holiday Cards

Today I am celebrating "90 Days Until Christmas"! And I am celebrating in two ways - testing out three different recipes for Speculaas cookies and sharing with all of you a most excellent idea for reusing all those "way too pretty to toss out" holiday (and birthday) cards.

"Monetize Your Craft Blog" - Class Review!

Monetize your Craft Blog

Due to the fact that Diane had more people wanting to take her first Monetize Your Craft Blog Class in August than she had seats available, she is offering the class again!

And again, already she has almost filled every seat! So if you are thinking about it - you had better hurry and make the decision to register!

September Shopping Spree Giveaway - Five New Shops To Choose From

Pumpkin Gourds made by Harmon Art

I did not make these adorable gourd pumpkins! I do not have whimsy genes!

But the husband/wife team at Harmon Art has whimsey genes all over the place!! And when I spied these two little pumpkin gourds in their shop I could not help myself. "Gourd queen" or not - I had to have them!

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