Recycle Makeover and Spoonflower Magic! Bragging on My Kids!

Old Fence Wall Collage and Clever Bags

I don't do this very often but once and a while, I can't help it - I have to share cool stuff my kids have been up to! Unlike so many of my readers, my children are all grown up with children (or cats) of their own! But they are still my kids and I am still their proud mother!

Monetize Your Craft Blog Class - Don't Miss This One!

Monetize Your Crafty Blog

Just a quick reminder! Diane's brand new class "Monetize your Crafty Blog" begins tomorrow - Monday, August 13th!

Don't miss this one if you are planning to monetize your blog, thinking about monetizing your blog or already implementing some form of monetization.

Bringing You Up To Date and Sharing a New Adventure!

Mt. Rainier, WA

I have not been around much this past month. Managed to keep up with blog posts - it was Christmas in July after all! But your e-mails are languishing unanswered and I have left precious few comments - in fact I am waaaaaaayyyyy behind in my Google Reader.

How I Supported Makers of Free Crafty Content in July

Sea Side Wedding

So! This is how I have been supporting my "crafty habit"! Weddings, weddings, weddings! (We have been busy this summer!) 

And below - how I supported makers of free crafty content during July!

Planet June Holiday Patterns

Book Review - Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style by Tone Merete Stenklov and Miriam Nilsen Morken and published by Stackpole Books

I LOVE this book! I can't begin to tell you how many times I have picked it up in the past couple weeks while relaxing with a lovely hot cup of coffee in hand, my eyes pouring over every page and my mind happily dreaming of making!

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