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Rain Forest Braken

Me in my favorite place! Not quite as easy to share with all of you as is one of my other favorite places - Google Reader! It is amazing how stuffed that reader can get while I take a few days off to play in the woods!

Found some real gems today while catching up and I just had to share!!!

Best Birthday Ever! Thanks to the Best Idea Ever!

Punched tin and Gypsy Trade Beads - Dragonfly 

I had a really big brain storm a couple weeks before my birthday this year! I emailed Diane and suggested that we purchase birthday gifts to each other from online shops featured in our Supporting Free Series.

After all, we would be buying gifts so why not take the opportunity of our birthdays to support crafty shop owners?

Come Blog Reading With Me!

First rose of 2012

Sadly I have let this series lapse! But it's slated for a more regular appearance starting today with some very cool blogs and blog posts you won't want to miss!

Cookie Butter! Biting Into Christmas!

Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter!

Delicious! We are loving it at our house!

Great for spreading on waffles, pancakes, ice cream! Even toast! Especially toast!

Real cookies in every jar! Like biting into Christmas!

Score a jar or two or three at Trader Joe's.

Extreme Recycler! Turning Cardboard Into Leather

Leather box

To prove that my little sister IS an "extreme recycler" - I am sharing a box that began as a ratty old cardboard container. In Leslie's magic making hands using her very own magic potions, that ratty old recycleable cardboard container became a beautifully aged leather treasure box.

The woman who receives our mail for us did not want to give it up! Before letting it out of her hands, she kept turning it around and around in her hands, touching, stroking and appreciating. It's so beautiful she kept exclaiming.

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