More About Leslie - She Turns Ugly Ducklings Into Swans

Topiary fini

My sister loves to play with paint! And not just paint! Varnishes, sealers, texture makers, glues, fillers, and all manner of tools from brushes to chains.

Mostly all stuff I consider yucky! Been there, done that. Never again!

Meet My Very Creative Little Sister!

Sepia Les

My little sister! Leslie! Thought it high time I reveal that Diane and I are not the only crafty people in our family!

You might remember - my sweetie and I recently escaped our daily "busyness" for a few days retreat in my sister's cottage in the woods.

Today and the next two days I am sharing bits of the visit and bits of my very creative and artistically blessed sister!

Art? Craft? Fine Craft? Indie Craft? Conversation with Brian R. Jones and Sister Diane


Do not miss listening to this podcast - a conversation between Brian R. Jones -  Portland based ceramic artist and podcastor and Diane Gilleland - Sister Diane of Craftypod.

Recycled Aluminum Cans Are Perfect Plant Markers

Plant tags made by Annette

Check out my beautiful plant markers! A gift from Annette!

 Visit her blog "by Annette" where you will find an excellent tutorial for making your very own set of plant markers using recycled aluminum pop cans!

By Request - Arielle's Choices - Crafty Goodness From PlanetJune!

Picture 4

Fruit Bat Amigurumi image by PlanetJune with permission

After announcing the April Shopping Spree winner a few days ago, several of you left comments or wrote me asking me to share Areille's (the winner) choices!

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