Trick or Treat? No - Easter Witches!


Image by Sasha from her blog Squashed Tomatoes


The day that adorable little Easter Witches walk the neighborhoods in Sweden asking for treats and giving hand made Easter cards in return.

It is officially Skätorsdag (Maundy Thursday) in Sweden - in fact by now the day must be nearly done. Certainly all the little witches are safely home and enjoying their loot!

Another Treat From my E-mail - "Punched Tin" Butterflies From Dollar Store find!


Just look at these beautiful butterflies! Seeing these show up in my e-mail in January made my whole month! (And made taking down my beloved Christmas tree much easier!)

The pictures you are about to see were sent to me by Donna Bridy - a reader from the east coast who had written me last summer with questions about making my tin butterflies - where to get the beads, what materials would be best suited for the children in her parochial school....

Sharing a Treat From My Email Box - Re-use Tin Can Art!


You are smiling - right? Giggling maybe? Don't you just love this bit of tin can sculpture?

It is the work of a reader named Matt Schaller who decided to share his most delightful and creative little tin can creatures after happening upon some of my posts in which I repurposed  tin cans to create frames and sconces and candle holders.

He mentioned in his e-mail that he thought he was the only one playing with repurposed tin cans and I am thinking he was glad to have some company!!

Easter Link Eye Candy


Easter Eye Candy? Absolutely! Just sharing a few favorites from my bookmarks.

A few free tutorials, and really awesome offerings from shops - ALL beautiful eye candy guaranteed to put you in the mood for Easter!

And just so you know, you are seeing these lovely images thanks to the generosity of the artists - all of whom have given permission for me to share them with you.

Beautiful Treasures From Two Lovely Bead Artists

Picture 2

More crafty love to share with all of you! Beautiful treasures to enrich my life from two very talented bead artists with very different styles!


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