Knitted Gifts Reveal


Now that everyone has received their hand knitted gifts, I can share what I have been up to on my needles this fall and winter!

Knitted baby owl for my Mother.


Felted bag for my Mil.

Sharing Beautiful Handmade Gifts


I am feeling loved!

My holidays were made brighter than ever this year by friends who sent me art from their own hands. I am not usually one to show off my Christmas gifts but I have to make an exception!

I can not begin to tell you how much it means to me to have friends who will go out of their way to make something special for me. I am so blessed and grateful.

Tangle Journal 2012!


LOVE LOVE LOVE my new tangle journal!

Not only the beautiful tangle templates Genevieve designed for each page, but also the room around the edges of the calendar for wee little drawings. (Elizabeth's influence on me!)

Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge - More Ornaments!


The Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge ends tomorrow! And I am sliding in just under the wire with my finished ornaments!

Magical, Easy Christmas Mittens to Decorate Trees and Packages.


I can't stand it! These are so cute and sooooo easy I just had to show them off!

Meg (MegaCrafty) Has come up with a pretty darn cute idea for needle felting ornaments! I am so making a few to add to my own collection for the Christmas Tree Challenge Meg is hosting on her blog.

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