Celebrate St. Lucy Eve With Cookies and Model Trains!

Lucia by Hans Arnold

Postcard - Lucia by Hans Arnold. Image in ixot's photostream

St. Lucy Day Eve!

And since tomorrow - with the help of Silvia - Madame Reynard - I am sharing Santa Lucia as she is celebrated in Italy, I am posting a few Scandinavian notes and updates today!

12 Very Cool Crafty Kits For Crafty Gift Givers


Christmas Candy made by Diane and me using Sculpy! 

Most of you reading this post are crafty! And I would be very surprised if every single one of you didn't know at least one or two crafty people! Maybe even some crafty people can be found on your holiday gift list!

I am thinking, with the cold dark days of January coming soon, a gift that would give a friend or loved one something to look forward to making would be a perfect choice!

It's Not Too Late to Make An Advent Calendar - But Almost!


Sorry this is a bit soft - as soon as they are open again, I will replace this!

As you no doubt have figured out by now, I am crazy about Advent Calendars! And I have just figured out that I must have a collection because as of today I have accumulated and made a total of 10 Advent Calendars!

Apparently I just can't get enough of opening little windows!

Check Out These Adorable Temari Ornaments Made By a Reader.

Mommy's Ornament 008

This adorable Temari snowman appeared in my e-mail just a couple days ago!

Mommy's Ornament 009

And this beautiful Temari "Pomander "Ball!

Relax! Great Shopping for Unique, Hand Crafted Holiday Gifts!

Galleries Lafayette

Image of Galleries La Fayette by Visitingeu

50 Shopping days til Christmas!

In an effort designed to help keep you out of busy malls, traffic snarls, Black Friday crunch and to support makers online, I have prepared this list of lovely shops for you to visit! There are items here to suit most budgets and tastes - all made by hand by skilled artisans.

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