Goodbye Fall! Welcome Winter Holidays!


and another set!


Just pulled these from a tree and took a quick shot before putting them in the "press" to dry. Definitely preserving these amazing beauties with Mod Podge.

More Good Stuff You Don't Want To Miss!


I was just settling in to write this post and look what flew in my front door all the way from Australia! So, before I begin with the post I, just HAVE to share my new friend, Doreen!

Other than a bit of jet lag, my beautiful Doreen arrived in perfect condition and ready to assume her role as a much loved member of my household!

Toadstool Play Date With Diane!


Play dates with Diane are the best!

And this one was especially good for both of us because we got to learn to do something neither of us had done before!

And when learning something new goes as easily as it did this day, and the resulting craft turns out so well on the first try - well THAT is the makings for a perfect crafty play date!

Of course, before beginning, we had to have a lovely cup of Earl Grey Tea in very special tea cups!

Come Blog Reading With Me


I actually have another post planned for today! BUT as I am catching up in my reader this morning, I have just had a brain storm!

Since I am always, always behind, I have a lot to cover! And I do find some really good stuff - that is why I refuse to hit the delete button. Every blog in my google reader is there because I want to read it so why delete?

OK so here is the brainstorm! I am going to simply link right here to posts I am glad I didn't miss!

Holiday Gift Making Begins at Make One! And Other Good Stuff About Knitting!


Another delicious visit to Make One! With Melissa's help and guidance, I left her beautiful shop with a couple bags of yummy, soft, scrumptious skeins of yarn destined to become Christmas presents!

After all, September 26th is a big important day - 90 days until Christmas - and it is definitely time to get crackin' on hand made holiday gifts!

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