How I Supported the Crafty Blogiverse in April


What could be a more perfect opening for this months post about supporting inhabitants of the crafty blogiverse?

My Mother's Day gift from Diane. A fabulous brooch designed and created by Odile Gova. She creates beautiful wearable works of art from zippers and felted reclaimed sweaters she finds at thrift stores.

Vintage Stylin' On Mother's Day


My Mother, Julieanne. Beautiful isn't she? I think she looks like a movie star in this photo.

I thought because Mother's Day is upon us and because there seems to be so much interest among us in everything vintage, I would share a few images of the stylin' women who have been and are a big part of my life.

All The Pieces Have Come Together.


Be sure if you haven't read this yet, do so now! "Thank You Craft Bloggers and Wordpress" an update containing very good news posted on Zencrafting.

World Intellectual Property Day


I just found out that today is World Intellectual Property Day.

Please take a few minutes to visit Zencrafting and read Pat's post about Intellectual Property - what it is and what resources you have at your disposal should you find that someone has pirated your work.

Another Class and New Friends to Share!


I don't get out much - in the blogisphere that is!  By that I mean, I don't surf or just wander about seeing what there is to see. I tend to be a very destination driven person.

My filtering system is highly developed to the point I never see an ad and really have to make a concerted effort to notice side bar information.

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