Perfect Christmas Socks Begin at Yarnia


Ok! OK! OK! My daughter definitely beat me to the punch on this one! Her video post about our visit to Yarnia to pick out a custom designed yarn for her Christmas socks went live yesterday!

Anyway, I still think I should get to tell MY side of the story! Right?

This Moment - Just had to Share!


I just received these images from my parents!


Diane made these plates for her grandmother when she was in Brownies.

Curled Wood Roosters from Poland


Look how beautiful this is!


And this one!


About Stuff! Wise Words to think About from a Very Wise Friend


I just bet that most people reading this probably have accumulated more "Stuff" than they need.

Whether your "Stuff" brings you joy, frustration, anxiety: or if no matter how crowded your life is getting with all your "Stuff" you just can't seem to turn loose of any of it, here below are links to a series of three articles I found very interesting and right on target!

Let Me Introduce You to Classmates from the Crafty Blog Tune-Up Class.

fleur1 (467 x 600)

Meet the cutest little bear ever. Her name is Fleur!

As promised I am introducing you to some lovely people I recently met while taking Diane's on-line "Blog Tune-Up Class". And I just couldn't resist putting this adorable bear right at the top of the post!

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