Picking Berries and Thinking About Fall!


We always look forward to blueberry season at the Pumpkin Patch!

This year the trip out to pick berries was even more memorable because we took along two of our favorite pals!


Trash to Treasure at the Vancouver Recycled Arts Festival!

Who wouldn't want these adorable piggys hanging out in their garden? 

You might know I would be especially attracted to the metal sculptures at the Recycled Arts Festival held in my home town of Vancouver, Washington this past weekend!

Right next to the pigs - this amazing dragon fly!  Denise Bergman, Cedar Creek, Inc. does not have a web site yet - but if you want to e-mail her to find out where she will be showing her work next, please e-mail me.

Sun Painting - Design Your Very Own Sun Dress Fabric !

Before I begin, let me introduce you to my little Christmas bear family.  They will be my models for this post since I don't have any little daughters at home! 

The middle bear will model most of the dresses because she is very special - Diane made her for me many, many years ago.

I started making a very simple and easy sun dress for Diane when she was about 18 months old.  But I could have started sooner!  The bears are wearing infant size which can be made from a fat quarter!

Celebrating Mothers Part 3 - "Mom Treasures"

Ok!  So I am a MOM!  And that entitles me to share a few of my "Mom Treasures" - handmade gifts from my own children, Diane and Michael!

Diane took photography in high school. This one is one of my favorites - her instructor gave this image 10 out of 10 for both composition and print making. I love the feeling of depth and mystery.

Busted One More Time! Sewing Notion Storage from My Crafty Stash

A little mushroom village designed to hold my sewing notions and buttons,

'cause after all, 20 years is long enough of this!

I started out with these... from - you know - my famous trash stash!

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