Futuregirl Rules!

Read Alice's (Futuregirl) post "Thanks for visiting" just published on Make & Meaning - read it right now before you read another word here!  I mean it!  Do it now!  "Thanks for visiting"!

Celebrating December 13th - Santa Lucia Day - with a Craftypod Podcast!

I hope you are joining me in a breakfast of Lucia Bread and gingerbread cookies!

My advent calendar image for Santa Lucia Day

Correcting a mistake! There still is a Pendleton Woolen Mill Store in Portland!

Last spring, I created a post to celebrate the 100th birthday of  Pendleton Woolen Mills . At the time I posted, I was under the mistaken impression that the Portland Pendleton Woolen Mill Store was no longer open.

A very nice reader left a comment letting me know the Woolen Mill Store is very much still open!  To rectify my mistake, Diane and I recently spent a whole morning finding treasures and recording the visit.


Here she is!  My beautiful mother, modeling a gorgeous, hand crafted late 1940's Fiesta Dress!    (As a grade school student,  I was convinced I had the most beautiful mother on the planet!)

Oh What a Week it Was!

Attending my daughter Diane's first book signing at Powell's Bookstore for her just released book Kanzashi in Bloom!  You can't imagine how proud I am of her! 

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