On the Second Day of Christmas: Sharing An Owl and Pussy Cat

Knitted and Felted Woolly Owl

On the Second Day of Christmas: sharing the owl and Â…

Knitted and Felted Woolly Kitty Kat

the pussy cat!

Both gifts were knitted and then felted.

On the First Day of Christmas... A Knitted Nutcracker!

Knitted Nutcracker pattern by Alan Dart

On the First Day of Christmas: Sharing my first ever completed Alan Dart knitted toy! The Nutcracker!

Knitted Nutcracker pattern by Alan Dart

The nutcracker is a gift to my son who collects Nutcrackers and stands about 14" + tall!

Celebrating Winter Solstice with Leyla Torres and Origami

Stunning Red Chile Pepper Origami by Leyla Torres

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

I can't think of a prettier way to celebrate than to share this stunning Origami Chile Pepper "sun" created by Leyla Torres. Leyla has kindly given me permission to share her beautiful red chile sun image! You can find Leyla's post and video how-to for making origami chile peppers right here!

Sharing My Knitted Christmas Ball Addiction!!

Knitted Christmas Balls

Am admitting to a little addiction!!! Knitting beautiful ornament balls from "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" by Arne and Carlos.

If you knit, and are trying to figure out the perfect hand knitted gifts to give this season - order yourself a copy now and get started knitting!!

Once you have knitted a couple, you will find that you are able to complete a whole ball in just a few hours.

Reverse Applique! Have You Tried It Yet? NOT "Intimidating"! Diane Makes it Simple and Fun!


Some of you may have seen this sweet Reverse Applique Pillow on Craftypod! Diane shared it when she announced the Reverse Applique Pillow Webinar she created for the Interweave family earlier this year.

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