Danish Crafty Goodness from Margit


Do you remember in December I suggested giving little "kits" to crafty friends?

Well, my friend Margit did exactly that! And during my little uh - computer break - I occupied myself doing exactly what I said crafty kit gift recipients would be doing in January - contentedly playing!

Playing with Finnish Tonttu and Danish Nisser


Here he is! My very own little Finnish Tonttu! I love him to pieces!

Up until December 11th, I was convinced there were no little Christmas elves to be found in Finland. On December 12th, thanks to a lovely reader named Dawn, I was directed to Lene who offered a complete how-to for making Finnish Tonttu on her blog Dances With Wool.

Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge - More Ornaments!


The Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge ends tomorrow! And I am sliding in just under the wire with my finished ornaments!

Sneak Peak at What Will be Hiding in the Giveaway Stockings!


"Christmas is coming, the stocking's getting fat! Please put your name in the stocking hat!"

Ok so - I fail at song lyrics! Sigh.

A sneak peak at some of the contents of the "giveaway" stockings! Wooden shoes and chocolate sprinkles for toast to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, Dala Horses to celebrate St. Lucy Day, "tin" stars to celebrate Guadalupe Day,  Straw "suns" to celebrate Solstice and stamps to celebrate anytime! AND there are secrets!

Toadstool Play Date With Diane!


Play dates with Diane are the best!

And this one was especially good for both of us because we got to learn to do something neither of us had done before!

And when learning something new goes as easily as it did this day, and the resulting craft turns out so well on the first try - well THAT is the makings for a perfect crafty play date!

Of course, before beginning, we had to have a lovely cup of Earl Grey Tea in very special tea cups!

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