Springtime Wreath Recycle - From Ivy to Rainbows

Grapoe vine wreath with Rainbows and Punched Tin Butterflies

I am loving how this turned out! Inspired by seeing a lovely little tutorial last fall for wrapping a few of the vine sections of a grape vine wreath with colorful embroidery floss - a brilliant and beautiful idea shared by Katie at Duo Fiberworks.

Easy Peasy Hearts for Valentines Day!


Since the days leading up to Valentines Day are some of my busiest of the year, I tend to look for very simple, easy ways to add hearts to my decor!

Two sweet and easy tutorials were safely tucked away in my bookmark files and a third happened quite by accident!

Impossible? NOT! First Crochet Reveal!


Me learning to crochet! No longer impossible, improbable, unimaginable, or 'not going to happen'!

I am thrilled, and totally surprised, to share my very first crochet project!


A whole finished project!

Enchanted God's Eyes (Ojos de Dios) - a Journey


Gorgeous hand spun yarn rescued at a thrift.

Treasures left to be discovered on my path by crows, jays, sea gulls, robins and chickadees.

Inspiration from Susan, a reader who shared a picture of a gift she made a good friend.

The seeds of a new God's Eye (Ojos de Dios) to add to my collection.

I have never outgrown my absolute enjoyment of weaving a God's Eye. Perhaps it has to do with something Susan said about "the symmetry and intent of protection of the God's Eye".

Knitted Gifts Reveal


Now that everyone has received their hand knitted gifts, I can share what I have been up to on my needles this fall and winter!

Knitted baby owl for my Mother.


Felted bag for my Mil.

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