How I Supported the Crafty Blogiverse in April


What could be a more perfect opening for this months post about supporting inhabitants of the crafty blogiverse?

My Mother's Day gift from Diane. A fabulous brooch designed and created by Odile Gova. She creates beautiful wearable works of art from zippers and felted reclaimed sweaters she finds at thrift stores.

All The Pieces Have Come Together.


Be sure if you haven't read this yet, do so now! "Thank You Craft Bloggers and Wordpress" an update containing very good news posted on Zencrafting.

Following My Hero on a Road Less Taken


Diane is doing something that I think is really cool!

What am I saying? I think almost everything she does is really cool!

What is she doing? Taking the road less traveled and embarking on a journey that will hopefully lead to a more sustainable solution for all bloggers trying to make a living from their crafty and artistic endeavors.

Make a Beautiful Mini Quilt - by Christmas!


Here is a really easy gift idea! Make a beautiful handmade mini quilt using a "cheater quilt" design fabric from Spoonflower!

Do what I did! Make a cup of hot cocoa and then browse the 500+ pages of fabric designs on Spoonflower! (Actually I found plenty of appealing choices within the first 12 pages.) Picking your favorites will likely be the hardest part of making your mini quilt gifts!

Perfect Christmas Socks Begin at Yarnia


Ok! OK! OK! My daughter definitely beat me to the punch on this one! Her video post about our visit to Yarnia to pick out a custom designed yarn for her Christmas socks went live yesterday!

Anyway, I still think I should get to tell MY side of the story! Right?

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