Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day - Cool Cottons Giveaway Winner!

Cool Cottons giveaway

Happy "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day"

I hope no one is reading this! Rather - I hope every one of you are out visiting your favorite quilt and fabric shops and showering them with appreciation and love!

A little bird told me that Marie at Cool Cottons has cookies to share! If you are in Portland today - be sure to visit!

Cool Cottons Fat Quarter Giveaway to Celebrate Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Cool Cottons Bliss

Cool Cottons! If I were to be exiled to a desert island and could take only one fabric store - I would take Cool Cottons!!

The shop is incredibly warm and inviting; the owner, Marie, is always ready to assist - brilliantly I might add - with fabric selections; the shop carries only very good quality fabrics; and the inventory of beautiful fabric bolts is arranged by color families.

Supporting Makers of Free Online Content During September!

Sweet Autumn Fairy

When my first check arrived for sales in the Pumpkin Patch gift shop, my sweetie suggested that I should use the money for something I really wanted - something just for me! A treat - not craft supplies! Or socks! So I ordered something I have been waiting four years to own - one of the sweet little fairies created by master doll maker, Cynthia Toy.

September Free Content Shopping Spree Winner!

Giveaway to support Free Online Content

We have a winner!

I wrote all the names on slips of paper and my very impartial sweetie drew a name!

(I use this method for selecting a winner because several readers respond to the newsletter version of GBSN and I don't want to exclude them!)

The winner of the September Shopping Spree has a shop that actually was featured in the July Shopping Spree!

Michele Pacey!

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