September Shopping Spree Giveaway - Five New Shops To Choose From

Pumpkin Gourds made by Harmon Art

I did not make these adorable gourd pumpkins! I do not have whimsy genes!

But the husband/wife team at Harmon Art has whimsey genes all over the place!! And when I spied these two little pumpkin gourds in their shop I could not help myself. "Gourd queen" or not - I had to have them!

How I Supported Makers of Free Crafty Content in July

Sea Side Wedding

So! This is how I have been supporting my "crafty habit"! Weddings, weddings, weddings! (We have been busy this summer!) 

And below - how I supported makers of free crafty content during July!

Planet June Holiday Patterns

Winner of the Christmas in July Shopping Spree


Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the Christmas in July Shopping Spree! My grandson, Joey, is visiting and we took him to spend a couple nights at my sister's cabin near Mt. Rainier. Just got back and I had Joey draw the winning number for us.

And the winning number is - number 8

Trouble O'Hara! You are the winner!

I had three people enter by way of replying to the e-mail version of the post. So I included them in the drawing. Names were listed in order according to the time they were received.

Christmas in July Shopping Spree Giveaway to Support Makers of Free Content


Christmas in July Shopping Spree Giveaway is one of several shopping sprees held on this blog throughout the year to support makers of free online content. And since it is still new - it is a work in progress!. This month I am experimenting and instead of asking the winner to select just one shop, I am giving the winner the option to select items from as many of the 5 shops featured as she likes - as long as she stays in budget!!

Come Blog Reading With Me!

First rose of 2012

Sadly I have let this series lapse! But it's slated for a more regular appearance starting today with some very cool blogs and blog posts you won't want to miss!

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