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Picture 4

Fruit Bat Amigurumi image by PlanetJune with permission

After announcing the April Shopping Spree winner a few days ago, several of you left comments or wrote me asking me to share Areille's (the winner) choices!

April Shopping Spree Giveaway

Fairy House

We are back! We spent a few lovely days being completely spoiled - beyond belief - by my little sister, Leslie, who lives in a darling little cottage tucked away in the mountains not far from Mt. Rainier. Most of the lovely mosses and lichen used to build my little fairy house came from her property.

I will be sharing more about her in a few days - but for now - we have a giveaway to get to - right?

"How I Supported" series - Getting Caught Up!


You might remember that in February I asked for your thoughts about a new direction for my efforts to support crafty bloggers.


        "So I have had an idea I want to share and I am asking for your input.

Back on the Road Less Taken


Beautiful Washington State!

After taking a holiday break, the "How I Supported" series resumes with this first post of 2012!

Tangle Journal 2012!


LOVE LOVE LOVE my new tangle journal!

Not only the beautiful tangle templates Genevieve designed for each page, but also the room around the edges of the calendar for wee little drawings. (Elizabeth's influence on me!)

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