12 Very Cool Crafty Kits For Crafty Gift Givers


Christmas Candy made by Diane and me using Sculpy! 

Most of you reading this post are crafty! And I would be very surprised if every single one of you didn't know at least one or two crafty people! Maybe even some crafty people can be found on your holiday gift list!

I am thinking, with the cold dark days of January coming soon, a gift that would give a friend or loved one something to look forward to making would be a perfect choice!

Woven Gingerbread Man Ornament


Just finished a couple more woven ornaments for Meg's Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge.

I decided after having success with my little heart, that I would see how far I could push this! There are lots of curves and nooks and crannies associated with the shape of a gingerbread man. I am happy to be able to report that it worked perfectly!

How to Weave a Heart Shaped Ornament


Meg over at MegaCrafty has invited all of us to join her Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge and decorate your Christmas Tree with only handmade ornaments.

As if I needed more handmade ornaments! But I am joining in anyway! Can't help myself!

Partridges and Snowflakes! How I Supported Crafty Bloggers in October


Some of you might remember seeing my beautiful snowflake ornament from Colleen at Some Art Fabric. It was sent as a gift along with the beautiful dove I ordered from her collection of Recycled Holiday Ornaments made from pop - mostly Coke - cans.

Perfect "Little Holiday Gift" Solutions!

Bracelets 056

Photo provided by Annie at A Spinner Weaver

This post was actually scheduled for a couple weeks ago - at the beginning of "90 Days til Christmas"! But my little band of angels had other plans and took over my life for a while!

Nevertheless, I have been anxious to share useful and pretty things two of my clever friends are making and selling in their shops.

And that would be - Key Fobs and Utility Bracelets!

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