2015 Advent Countdown Calendar is Complete!! Sharing the Final Six Ornaments -part two!

Ornaments knitted for 2015 Advent Countdown tree

Today, December 1st - time to begin the countdown to Christmas!

And I am sharing the last group of ornaments made for the new Silver Dollar Advent Calendar Tree! Just finished under the wire!!

I am sharing in two posts and knowing you are all so busy this time of year, I will keep it short and sweet!!

Bobbi Lewin Teaches Me To Crochet Tea Pot Cozies to Fit My Oddly Shaped Tea Pots!

Completed Tea Pot Cozy!

I am so excited to share my first ever tea cozy I can't stand waiting another minute!

Seriously, this project has been the most rewarding project I have engaged in so far this year. That is primarily because I literally learned to make a tea pot cozy without a pattern; and the experience left me feeling empowered! I have the tools now to make a crocheted (and most likely a knitted) tea pot cozy for any tea pot of any shape!

Celebrating Winter Solstice with Leyla Torres and Origami

Stunning Red Chile Pepper Origami by Leyla Torres

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

I can't think of a prettier way to celebrate than to share this stunning Origami Chile Pepper "sun" created by Leyla Torres. Leyla has kindly given me permission to share her beautiful red chile sun image! You can find Leyla's post and video how-to for making origami chile peppers right here!

Alan Dart! Brilliant Knitted Toy Designer!

Jultomar and Teeny Tomte by Alan Dart

"Jultomar and Teeny Tomte" image used with permission from toy designer Alan Dart. 

"Traditionally" April is "recycle" month on gingerbreadsnowflakes; but before one more day of April arrives, I just absolutely MUST share these totally awesome Juletomar. The brilliant designer - Alan Dart!

Kathy = Christmas in Poland and Happiness at the Dinner Table!


Image by Kathy -

Thanks to a very busy food wizard and mom of three, during the winter holidays I was able to share a little about the rich traditions and customs that are a part of the Christmas season in Poland.

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