Candles, Snowflakes, Stars and Beautiful Photographs


Lina and Liz and I make beautiful music together!

Liz posted this little tutorial on her blog The Quilted Turtle!

Which led me to this tutorial on Linaloo.

Meet Two More of My Favorite Artists


When Diane sent me out into the blogiverse to search out blogs that appealed to me, two of the first I found were That Artist Woman and Teri's Painted Daisies.

Meet Three Women Who Inspire My Weaving Journeys


Saori weaving made for my mother

I have introduced you to Teri before, but if you haven't taken the time to visit, I hope you will do so now. She teaches Saori weaving and holds retreats at her Salt Springs Island Studio. One day I am so hoping I will be able to take one of her classes or join a Saori retreat.

Playing Together Making Pumpkin Carvings and Advent Candles

thanksgiving pumpkin carving d_thumb[1]

Last fall, right before Thanksgiving, two friends Rebecca and Phyllis, joined me in producing what I called "joint posts" - but actually we just agreed to post about our own versions of the same craft project on the same day!

A Little Woven Star Trade


After I posted the tutorial for making yarn stars in December of 2009, a couple of readers wrote me telling me they had been making them as gifts and were so pleased at how they were turning out. They seemed to be having so much fun making them that I asked them if they would consider swapping yarn stars with me!

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