Danish Christmas and Walks on Bornholm


Image of Margit's 2011 Christmas Tree (taken with cell phone and I enlarged) but I had to share!

I met *Margit through Diane. Truth be told, I probably owe most of my online friendships to my daughter!

Margit lives on a tiny, Danish island in the Baltic Sea. I am convinced it holds many secrets from ancient times. But more about that in a moment.

Inspiration and Eye Candy


*Joanie, my friend who you all know as the writer of Nini Makes and creator of lovely embroidery patterns has been a continuos source of inspiration... and she spoils me rotten!

Everything you see in this image was either a gift from Joanie or something I made as a result of her genius!

How I learned to Knit Socks.


I imagine most of you are getting pretty tired of seeing my first pair of socks by now! But how else do I introduce three fantastic women who inspired me and kept me sane along the way!


Thank you! The Beginning!


I couldn't resist using one of my favorite wedding photos from this past year to begin February.

At the moment this was taken, the handsome groom was thanking his beautiful bride for being a part of his life.

Appropriate why? Because I am devoting this entire month of February to saying thank you to as many people as possible who reside in my corner of the blogiverse and who have enriched my life by being a part of it.

Curled Wood Roosters from Poland


Look how beautiful this is!


And this one!


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