Thank you Fanie, Alice, Sasha and Gail

Crocheted Owl, Dala Table Linen, Huichol Ornaments and Christmas Cards!

Today's post, and the next one, feature bloggers who have been a part of my crafty family almost from the very beginning of Gingerbread Snowflakes! And in that time they have offered their friendship, helped me time and time again solve creative conundrums, and when needed, have remind me why I love being part of the crafty blogisphere.

Thank You Terri, Carina, Maryline and Kimara

Saori, crochet and quilting

One of the things I love most about the crafty blogisphere is that it makes it possible to connect with talented individuals who know stuff!!! Who have skills and experience and knowledge I don't possess! Whether it be a tip for where to find wonderfully creative crochet patterns or how to wiggle out of a quilting corner I have stitched myself into - in one way or another, bloggers have been there to help - or inspire!

Thank You Silvia, Kathryn and the Etsy Italia Team

Nativities and Sami

Is there anyone out there in blogland that still doesn't know that Christmas is my favorite time of year?? And every holiday season these past 5 years, I have been fortunate to have bloggers join me in December - or allow me to join them - to celebrate winter holiday traditions from around the world.

So today - I am sharing and appreciating fellow bloggers who helped me celebrate the winter holidays in 2012!

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