How I Supported Makers of Free Crafty Content in July

Sea Side Wedding

So! This is how I have been supporting my "crafty habit"! Weddings, weddings, weddings! (We have been busy this summer!) 

And below - how I supported makers of free crafty content during July!

Planet June Holiday Patterns

Sending a Hug to Rachel

Unicorn Embroidery - kit 1970's

Our beloved Rachel - Average Jane Crafter - just announced she is leaving CRAFT.

But she is still going to be hanging out with us! (See links in her post so you will know just where to find her!)

Recycled Aluminum Cans Are Perfect Plant Markers

Plant tags made by Annette

Check out my beautiful plant markers! A gift from Annette!

 Visit her blog "by Annette" where you will find an excellent tutorial for making your very own set of plant markers using recycled aluminum pop cans!

Beautiful Treasures From Two Lovely Bead Artists

Picture 2

More crafty love to share with all of you! Beautiful treasures to enrich my life from two very talented bead artists with very different styles!


Whole Bunch More People I Appreciate!


During the last few weeks, I have been featuring some of the online friends who have been teachers, contributors, conspirators - people who have enriched my blog content, my online experience and my time spent at the craft table.

But there are many, many more! MANY, MANY MORE! Each adding significantly to my life on and off line during 2011.

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