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Art Journaling: Summer 2011 Plans

Image from Things Bright - beautiful journal pages!

I still vividly remember the day when I first saw these journal pages on Things Bright. They rocked the entire foundation of what I had considered journaling to be!

Squashed Tomatoes and Dala Horses


Most likely, I will have this gorgeous Dala Horse fabric covering my dining table most of the coming year - except perhaps during the spring while my dining room is being used as a green house!

But the rest of the year, definitely! I have been told that Dala Horses are enjoyed year round in Sweden so why in the world would I not have it out where I can enjoy it every day!

Meet My MegaCrafty Muse!


Mega Crafty! Where do I start? I guess the beginning would be the best place!

I don't remember if she found me or if I found her! But pretty soon after meeting, I was the lucky one to win her crafty giveaway in which she filled up a BIG cardboard box with crafty goodness for every possible celebration occurring during the year.

Robin Turned Me into a Christmas Stocking Santa!


Robin hosts the Christmas Stocking Giveaway on her blog RSISLAND CRAFTS.

Her stocking giveaway is right up my alley! It is all about Christmas! And stuffing stockings with all kinds of surprises and treasures! Participating makes me feel like Santa, Father Christmas and St. Lucy, and a Christmas Elf!

Madame Renard Shares a Joy Filled Life Italian Style

S.Lucia statue _ siracusa

Image provided by Madame Renard

St. Lucia Day as it is celebrated in Italy! It is not easy to find information.

Even though St. Lucia was born in Sicily, her day is not widely celebrated in Italy - mostly in Siracusa - the town of her birth - and in the villages of the north.

Information abounds if one is looking for ways in which Scandinavian people celebrate St. Lucy Day. But finding information about Italian customs and traditions - much more difficult.

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