Time Again to Say THANK YOU!


Tangle Template taken from Tangle Journal 2012.

I heart you! Every single one of you reading these words!

Just by being here you are giving me the precious gift of your attention and your time. THANK YOU for visiting and for being a part of my internet space.

The rest of the month of February will be devoted to saying THANK YOU!

Danish Crafty Goodness from Margit


Do you remember in December I suggested giving little "kits" to crafty friends?

Well, my friend Margit did exactly that! And during my little uh - computer break - I occupied myself doing exactly what I said crafty kit gift recipients would be doing in January - contentedly playing!

Sharing Beautiful Handmade Gifts


I am feeling loved!

My holidays were made brighter than ever this year by friends who sent me art from their own hands. I am not usually one to show off my Christmas gifts but I have to make an exception!

I can not begin to tell you how much it means to me to have friends who will go out of their way to make something special for me. I am so blessed and grateful.

More Good Stuff You Don't Want To Miss!


I was just settling in to write this post and look what flew in my front door all the way from Australia! So, before I begin with the post I, just HAVE to share my new friend, Doreen!

Other than a bit of jet lag, my beautiful Doreen arrived in perfect condition and ready to assume her role as a much loved member of my household!

Supporting Indie Makers in August!


Gorgeous spindel spun just for me - to use as a part of my hand spun yarn woven bag project!

My Mom sent me the yarns in the background last spring - the wool grown, sheared, cleaned, carded, and spun by American Indian women from Northern Arizona.

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