Recycled Crafts

Happy Easter!

Just finished making these Easter Bunnies! 

The two in back now live with Diane!

The pattern was given to me by Sally at Polliwog's Cakewalk Sally's bunnies are BEAUTIFUL!  She found the coolest sweaters on the planet to felt for this project.  Don't miss seeing them!!

Easter Eggs Decorated with Recycled Kool-Aid Colored Egg Shells and Mod Podge and How to Make Cascarones!

I know!  A lot for one post!  But Easter is almost here so what is a girl to do?  I promise - this is a short post!

All you need to make a mosaic egg like this one is a blown out egg shell, Mod Podge, a brush, and the shells left from peeling your Easter Eggs!

It was hard enough to crack and peel my Kool-Aid colored Easter eggs, but tossing out all those colored bits was impossible!  I saved them in a jar while thinking about what I could do with them.

Giving Tuna Cans a New Lease on Life!

I am inviting you on another adventure recycling tin cans!
  This time I started with tuna fish cans.

I removed the rim using the same technique as I used in the previous post

Don't forget to wear goggles and thick gloves.

Punched Tin Frame Using Recycled Tin Cans

From this -

to this!

Most of you know by now that I love making things using tin and aluminum - especially butterflies!

What inspired this passion of mine were the punched tin mirrors and frames I was accustomed to seeing in Santa Fe homes and the light shields that we used on our family Christmas tree.

Re-useful Cardboard For Portable Crafty Spaces and Photography Tricks!

Many of you have beautiful crafty spaces like the ones featured on CRAFT recently!

I live in a very small house and other than a storage cabinet in the garage, I have no options for a crafty space.  So - my "crafty spaces" must be completely portable!

Cardboard flats to the rescue!

I turn almost every FedEX box that comes through my front door into a storage flat. 

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