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Magic Disappearing "Recycled" Paper Quilt Block Advent Calendar

Magically Disappearing Advent Calendar

Here is an idea for one very simple, easy to make Advent Calendar tree! And not only is it easy and inexpensive to make, but it is beyond recyclable or reuse! I like to call it "re-directed use" because once the holidays are over it can be quickly disassembled and most of the parts used the rest of the year for other important stuff; and next year the parts can be reassembled into another Advent Calendar!!

Brilliant Recycle Solutions for Creating Privacy Curtains

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 10.09.50 PM
It is my happy opportunity to introduce you to Jet Hammes, an amazing woman living in the Haarlem section of Amsterdam, Netherlands and the creator of this beautiful "curtain" and many others I am sharing below - every one of them created from recycled materials.

Autumn Magic! Fall Leaves, Mod Podge, and Food Coloring

Fall Leaves:Mods Podge: Food Coloring

Not a leaf! The "leaves" on this vase are 100% Mod Podge "film" tinted with a few drops of food coloring.

Fall Leaves:Mods Podge: Food Coloring

How to Make Fanciful Ghosts and Dolls Using Fresh Corn Husks.

Corn Husk Ghosts and Scarecrows

Don't throw away those fresh corn husks!!! Use them to make ghosts, scarecrows, and dolls with this very simple "three in one" tutorial.

All you need are fresh corn husks, waxed dental floss and scissors! A bit of scrap yarn and a felt tip pen will come in handy for "embellishing".

New Possibilities - Use Raffia to Weave "Yarn Stars"

Raffia Woven Star

Taking another look at the possibilities for Yarn Stars. Weave them with Raffia!

Honestly, I am loving the look and texture of this favorite star woven in raffia instead of yarn.

Perfect for fall!

Raffia Star Woven on Cardboard

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