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Celebrating Christmas in July with an Easy Little "How-to" for Making Snowmen

P1070701 I just finished making my very first snowman. He has been smiling at me from my desk for two days now! I can't help but smile back and return to what I am doing in a happier mood.

I must admit, I have become a fan of snowmen only recently, having been a collector of Santas for over 25 years. At first, I was quite offended as manufacturers began replacing my beloved Santas with snowmen as the collectible symbol of the season. (Snowman, of course, appeal to a wider audience).

Celebrating Mid-Summer with Recycled Aluminum Cans!

Garden Art!  Sun mobile made from the aluminum can bottoms left over from the butterfly mobile.

The idea of making little suns was inspired by Midsummer Celebrations.  Midsummer is celebrated around the world near the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. This link will give you some idea of how many cultures celebrate.

Repurposing Tin Cans Again! Make a Shimmering Candle Wall Sconce.

Another project using tin and aluminum cans from my trash stash!

I again turned to mid-1800's New Mexican tin work for my inspiration for this wall sconce. 

Recycle A Cardboard Canister into A Treasure Box

I am not sure yet what I am going to store in my new box!  Maybe beach treasures, maybe embroidery floss, crafty supplies....  Who knows!  What I do know is that I love my new treasure box!

The whole thing started when I won Heather's giveaway recently on Dollar Store Crafts.  The prize - a packet of micellaneous bits and pieces of paper scraps from a little place called Scrap!

Tutorial for hanging your Mod Podge Lanterns

This little tutorial is for Meg!  She wrote me asking how to make the hanging system for the little Mod Podge lanterns.

Thank you for asking, Meg.  I never thought about that part!  I was way too excited playing with my Mod Podge!

So... here is a simple way to make a hanger for your lanterns!

Tools are simple! 

1. I like to use 16 gage wire because it is still fairly easy to bend but it holds it's shape well.

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