Recycled Crafts

Re-useful Cardboard For Portable Crafty Spaces and Photography Tricks!

Many of you have beautiful crafty spaces like the ones featured on CRAFT recently!

I live in a very small house and other than a storage cabinet in the garage, I have no options for a crafty space.  So - my "crafty spaces" must be completely portable!

Cardboard flats to the rescue!

I turn almost every FedEX box that comes through my front door into a storage flat. 

Minimize the Need to Re-use or Recycle (and Save Money Too!)

You are looking at a part of my stash of crafting supplies I have been carefully saving during the past 12 months - boxes, tin cans, glass jars, canisters, egg cartons. Part of the reason was of course was to build up a crafty stash but another reason was to get a good visual picture of just how much stuff we buy and then throw away.

I am devoting the month of March - and maybe part of April because I have an Easter project or two to share - to the subject of crafting with what is normally considered trash.

One ornament to Celebrate Four Holidays! Hanukkah! Santa Lucia! Feast of Guadalupe! Advent!


The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the beginning of Hanukkah, and Santa Lucia Day all fall on the same weekend this year! 

I love this cheerful little ornament that can be adapted for any one or all of them!

Santa Lucia Day, December 13th.  Use red and white yarns to reflect the colors used in Scandinavian winter holiday decorations.

Sharing a new Advent Calendar

I have been wanting to make this giant Advent Calendar for almost 10 years!   10 YEARS!  How many of you have had projects on the back burner that long???

Martha started it all with her Advent Calendar using Christmas cards as the scenes behind the windows. I have been smitten with the idea ever since! I started collecting beautiful Christmas cards right away!

A Little Fall Leaf and Mason Jar Re-use Project

Ok!  This may look a bit familiar.

While I sat brushing Mod Podge on dozens of leaves to use on my Fall wreath, I decided to light a little jar candle covered with fall leaves that I made last year to keep me company.

 I enjoyed the warm glow of the candlelight dancing through the leaves so much that I just had to make a bigger one!

But this time I made it with the intention that it could be used the rest of the year for crafty storage!  Or for storing dried peppers or dried mushrooms! 

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