Book Review: "Quilting Happiness" by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland

Quilting Happiness by Christine Lane and Diane Gilleland

Quilting Happiness: Projects, Inspiration and Ideas to Make Quilting More Joyful written by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland.

Magical Gecko Owes His Very Existence to - "Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction"

Original Design - Gecko

Meet my very colorful Magic Gecko!

A couple weeks ago, I reviewed Abby Glassenberg's brand new book "Soft Animals: From Concept to Construction" and as part of the review, I made the very first project in the book - "FISH".

A Must Take Class for Every Blogger - "Analytics Tricks". Find it at Craftypod.


Welcome to a completely unplanned post! March was to have been pretty much set aside for eggs and Easter craft. However, at the end of February, I took Diane's new class on Craftypod - "Analytics Tricks" and by the time I completed the second class in the series "Understanding Your Top Content", I felt so empowered and excited by all that I was learning that I rearranged my post schedule to create room to share my enthusiasm!

The Knitting Pocket Bible - An Entertaining Read Chock Full of Knitting Tips and Technique

The Knitting Pocket bible by Mimi Hill: Part of the Pocket bible Series

Oh how I wish I had owned a copy of "The Knitting Pocket Bible" when I was learning to knit! My first timid steps into the world of knit and purl would have been so much less intimidating.

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