Foraging with Style


My friend Joanie, who writes Nini Makes has done it again! I am hooked on another one of her Ebooks! She has created a beautiful Forager Bag designed to be carried on those lovely walks along the beach or in the forest or even around town - anywhere one might be inclined to pick up little treasures to take home.

Book Review: Wheat Weaving and Straw Art by Linda D. Bieler


One day in early December as I was happily sitting at my computer churning out Christmassy tutorials, my sweetie called me over to see something on his computer.

This book! "Wheat Weaving and Straw Art: Tips, Tools and Technique for Learning the Craft".

Good old Amazon had just tipped him off that Wheat Weaving and Straw Art might be a book that would interest him! (He does order all my books for me so no wonder!)

Something Special for Your Children, Grandchildren and Your Inner Child


I love this little book! "All the Seasons of the Year" written by Deborah Lee Rose, illustrated by Kay Chorao and published by Abrams Books for Young Readers.

Card, Paper, Ribbon - A Must Have in Every Crafty Library!

A great way to celebrate Earth Day?
  Order a copy of "Card, Paper, Ribbon" by Kristin Roach and create beautiful, useful items from all the greeting cards, and used ribbon and wrapping paper you have been diligently saving!

Did you know that you can make paper from greeting cards?  Or oilcloth like papercloth by bonding wrapping paper to fabric? Or crochet and knit bags and bowls using discarded curling ribbon and leftover yarn?

I love the ornaments in this brand new e-book "Crafty Tree Trimmings"!

This beautiful collection of holiday trimmings,  a collaborative effort between six super-star crafters, offers six easy and festive projects that can be used as ornaments, garlands, gift tags, and stocking stuffers.

Since almost everything you need is probably already in your house and the book includes full size templates,  you can start your holiday crafting the minute the book is downloaded!

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