Midsummer sunshine on my poppies!

To those of us in the Pacific Northwest - sunshine after four weeks of clouds is reason enough to celebrate.

This moment - a moment to pause, savor and remember.

Sara's "moment" June 7th!  I think she is due for another!

This moment was started as a Friday ritual by Amands SouleFriday's moment in case you missed it.


Celebrating Mothers - "this moment" Begins

My friend Sarah - Geek+Nerd - has inspired me to begin occasionally posting an image taken of a moment in my life - a moment that requires no words or explainantion. A moment to "pause, savor, and remember".

Read about what inspired her and see her first "this moment" here. And don't miss this precious moment!

So, with this image taken long, long ago, I am closing this series celebrating mothers and beginning a new series - "this moment".


Come Hiking With Me!

Tammy over at Tamdoll's Work Space nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award over a month ago! 

And now, just as I am finally ready to accept, I suddenly realize I was nominated last year by Chris at Prism Trail!  However, since I have already selected my nominees and prepared the text and digitized the images before realizing this, I am going to accept again! 

Come explore with me!

Do you recognize this view of Realto Beach from a recent post?  This is another of the many moods of one of my very favorite places in Olympic National Park.

As promised, I am sharing a few images from our trip. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, and are planning "stay-cations" for the summer, perhaps these images will entice you to consider a trip to the San Juan Islands or to Olympic Park.

A Week of Contrasts


Trilliums are blooming!

We just returned from spending a few days in central Oregon along the John Day River looking for basalt flows containing pockets filled with zeolites. As you can readily see from this photo of the river, there is very little in that part of Oregon except...

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