Cooking 101

Holiday Cookie Baking 101: Use a Food Scale! I Am Showing You Why.

Why it is so important to use a food scale when baking cookies!

The one cookie baking tool that should not be missing from your kitchen - a scale to weigh your flour!! I got away without one for years - but once I started weighing my flour it made a big difference in my cookies and I am going to show you why! It is my hope that by so doing, I will convince you - especially new to baking cooks - to acquire - and use - a kitchen scale!

Mini Tips and Tuts: Short and Sweet Way to Cut Wax Paper For Cookie Tins

Simple way to make a wax paper cookie tin liner

Starting a new, intermittent series with this post! Mostly because I have begun to gather a collection of tiny tutorials and quick tips I want to share. So I will be tucking "Mini Tips & Tuts" in here and there between my regular posts - at least through the rest of the year and - who knows - maybe beyond!

Yes! You CAN Eat Indian Corn! And it is Yummy!


You see why I have ears and ears of Indian Corn laying around! I consider it eye candy! That blue one on the left is my absolute favorite.

But eat it? Not only is it too pretty to eat but it is hard as a rock!

However.......... in the interest of finding out, I decided to sacrifice three of the least attractive ears in my collection

Instant Summer Meals! Pre-grilled Chops and Yummy Almost Instant Veggies


On hot summer days, we are huge fans of nearly instant dinners! And I thought it might be fun to share a few of our "instant dinner" tricks!

Actually, we prepare "instant dinners" all year round, but especially in summer when we have so much yummy local produce available!

Perfect Pie Crust Tips and Tricks for the Beginner

It is berry season!  And soon cherry season!  And then it will be time for peaches and apricots!  And then apples!  And since pie is one of my most favorite ways to enjoy summer fruit, and since I have already shared my favorite berry and apple pie recipes, I think it is high time I share a few pie crust tips and tricks!

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