Christmas is Around the Corner! Great Kits and Patterns for Making Perfect Holiday Gifts.

MY Knitted Dove

75 days until Christmas! Don't you think it is about time to get started stitching? Or glueing, making, stuffing, piecing? I've got some great ideas for you including patterns you can order on line and download instantly so you can begin making Christmas right now!

(And incidentally, they are all patterns I am currently stitching (or about to stitch) myself!)

Advent Calendars! Christmas Countdown Begins!!


Happy first day of Advent Season!


Mini Tips and Tuts: Christmas Countdown Fridge Magnet Advent Calendar Tree Has Grown a Foot Taller!!


Recently, my brain enjoyed a particularly perfect storm!

Why not print out another "bottom" portion of the Fridge Magnet Advent Calendar Tree so that the tree would be much taller than originally designed. Taller tree = much more room to "hang" all 25 magnetic advent ornaments?

A Handy Guide to Christmas and Winter Holiday Crafting at Gingerbreadsnowflakes!

Christmas and Winter Holiday Crafting at Gingerbreadsnowflakes!

Just a reminder! Visit my Flickr Albums to find links to holiday tutorials written during this past yearÂ…

Christmas is Coming! And St. Nicholas Day! And St. Lucy Day! And Novena! And Winter Solstice!

St. Lucy, Star Boy, Scandi-gnome and Tomte

December is here! Christmas is 24 days away! And for many of us the daily countdown has begun!

Happily there are lots of days to celebrate between now and the 24th. And one of them is St. Lucy Day on December 13th. To celebrate, I just completed these adorable Scandinavian figures made using cardboard cones from Yarnia.

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