Giving Away a Perfect Book to Add to Your Advent Reading Collection: "Make Magic! Do Good!"

Make Magic! Do Good!

My very own copy of the newest book by Dallas Clayton -"Make Magic! Do Good!"- just arrived from the publisher, Candlewick Press. And from the moment I flipped open the title page, I have been enchanted.

Norwegian Cookie Advent Calendar

Norwegian Pepperkaker Advent Calendar

Without a doubt - the yummiest Advent Calendar ever! Just the fragrance alone will fill every nook and cranny of your home with the scent of Christmas goodness.

Last year, Gill, a lovely on-line friend living in Norway shared with me a story about the cookie Advent Calendars her MIL made every year for each of her children.

Easy Alternative To The Scandinavian Wooden Advent Calendar Tree

Advent Calendar

Another easy, simple tree for hanging your Advent Calendar chocolate filled hearts and mini ornaments!!

I designed this Advent Calendar Tree as an easy to make alternate option to the 3-D wooden Scandinavian Tree; and to make use of those totally cool Pinhooks I told you about in the previous post!

Magic Disappearing "Recycled" Paper Quilt Block Advent Calendar

Magically Disappearing Advent Calendar

Here is an idea for one very simple, easy to make Advent Calendar tree! And not only is it easy and inexpensive to make, but it is beyond recyclable or reuse! I like to call it "re-directed use" because once the holidays are over it can be quickly disassembled and most of the parts used the rest of the year for other important stuff; and next year the parts can be reassembled into another Advent Calendar!!

Making Advent Calendars All Week - Beginning with an Updated Icelandic Advent Tree.

Advent Calendar Tree

It is time to be thinking about Advent Calendars!!! Only 26 days till it is time to begin marking the days till Christmas! Not a lot of time really for planning, designing, cutting, sewing, pasting and making your very own calendar!

So - I am devoting this whole week to Advent Calendars!

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