St. Lucia Day

Celebrate St. Lucy Eve With Cookies and Model Trains!

Lucia by Hans Arnold

Postcard - Lucia by Hans Arnold. Image in ixot's photostream

St. Lucy Day Eve!

And since tomorrow - with the help of Silvia - Madame Reynard - I am sharing Santa Lucia as she is celebrated in Italy, I am posting a few Scandinavian notes and updates today!

Celebrate St. Lucy Day and Scandinavian Crafts.

Santa Lucia oct09

image and Lucy Doll by Alkelda

Lucy Day - the celebration of St. Lucia - is almost here and preparations are in full force in Norway, Sweden and Denmark because Lucy Day is the beginning of the Christmas holidays which will last for many in Scandinavian countries until January 20th - St. Knut's Day!

Celebrating December 13th - Santa Lucia Day - with a Craftypod Podcast!

I hope you are joining me in a breakfast of Lucia Bread and gingerbread cookies!

My advent calendar image for Santa Lucia Day

Celebrating St. Lucia Day with a recycled wreath and Lucy goodies!

Remember my leaf wreath?  I have recycled it into a wreath to celebrate Saint Lucy Day!

One ornament to Celebrate Four Holidays! Hanukkah! Santa Lucia! Feast of Guadalupe! Advent!


The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the beginning of Hanukkah, and Santa Lucia Day all fall on the same weekend this year! 

I love this cheerful little ornament that can be adapted for any one or all of them!

Santa Lucia Day, December 13th.  Use red and white yarns to reflect the colors used in Scandinavian winter holiday decorations.

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