Taking Time Out to Say Thank You

Danish woven paper hearts - for summer!

Don't you love these sweet little Danish woven hearts - made just especially to introduce a little break in "regular programming" - a time set aside to recognize and appreciate bloggers, and others I have met on line, who have enriched and informed my crafty life during the past year.

Burn-out or Waking Up!

Almost double iceland Poppy

This beautiful Iceland Poppy greeted me yesterday as I strolled through the garden - morning coffee in hand and wrapped in a blanket to keep the rain drops at bay.

The explosion of pollen heavy stamens and half formed petals looks exactly like my mind has been feeling lately.

Stealing or Intuitive Consciousness?


Throughout my lifetime, I have found it quite curious that cultures - ancient cultures with no possible connection to each other - have developed artistic expressions that are quite similar.

Huichol Indians of Mexico weave Ojo de Dios - a similar weaving is practiced by Tibetan monks. Patterns in Navajo and Turkish rugs are amazingly similar.

Christmas Magic

IMG_3668 copy copy

Photo taken by my sweetie.

It is no secret - at least to any of my friends - I do love the Winter Holiday Season!

Most of you must understand or you most likely wouldn't be here! But I also know some of my readers probably think I am nuts!

Earlier this year, my dear friend TeriC and I shared a conversation about the whole Christmas and Winter Holiday thing and I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you as well.

Happy Third Blogiversary To Me Tralalalalalala...


Father Christmas Dolls I put out every year on November 1.  Hand made gifts from Diane.

Three whole years! Three years since my sweet daughter - most of you know her as Sister Diane at Craftypod - finally succeeded in talking me into writing a blog.

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