Just a Few Thoughts About Blogging


I am loving my new journals! And all worries that the edges of my hand woven covers might not hold - unfounded! The covers are holding up very nicely! And a bonus - that hand woven fabric is just plain heaven to hold in my hands while journaling.

The page above is the very first entry in my new journal - well - I should say, my first journal!

Tell Me What YOU Think! Can what is old be new again!


Image taken at the Museum of Contempory Craft  - a community weaving on a cardboard loom. The weaving shown - created by 7 different hands and minds.

Added after post date:  This subject is so close to my heart that I believe I might not have been as clear as I wished.  So I am adding a note!

Blogging Crisis - or How I Almost Quit Blogging


This post has been a long time in coming. And there were days when I decided I would not share. And others when I felt compelled to share. But how? And why? And what?

More About Respecting Intellectual Property and Copyright


I am still "simmering" over here over the fact that several of my favorite bloggers have had content pirated from their blogs and no credit for the source given. But at least I am not on full boil now, so I thought it might be safe for me to share a few thoughts!

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